Hospitality Construction and Renovation Specialist
About Nova HRC

Nova Hotel Renovation & Construction has developed into one of the leading international hospitality renovation and construction companies with its principal office in Clearwater, Florida, and offices in Anaheim, California, London, England, Shanghai, China and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The foundation of Nova HRC is a fusion of service-focused hospitality executives and construction-minded professionals that enable us to work and think a little differently. In the role of general contractor, we are able to aggressively schedule our project timelines due to our ability to self-perform many of the finish trades and manage our established relationships with local sub-contractors. Our ability to provide value engineering throughout each project enables our clients to manage costs while expediting the completion schedule. The offices in China and Vietnam, Nova HRC's newest office, focus on procurement and sourcing of construction materials, furniture, fixtures, flooring, and stone.

Nova HRC's team structure is comprised of operations, construction and engineering executives, a design team, project managers, and superintendents for each specific trade. We have more than 200 "in-house" tradesmen and sub-contractor resources in all aspects of construction that travel and work for Nova HRC and have been affiliated with Nova for the last 20 years.

We employ only the most talented individuals at their respective positions in the industry. Once contacted and engaged on the project, the pre-construction team will incorporate all the key personnel who will be involved from pre-construction through completion. This includes both the Senior Project Manager and Senior Superintendent. There is no "hand-off" point from pre-construction to construction but rather a smooth transition ensuring continuity and consistency of personnel.

In addition to Nova HRC's construction and renovation services, Nova's principals have the following independent companies:

Park Royal: Park Royal is a full service procurement company specializing in lighting, glass, stone, tile, bathroom accessories, millwork, artwork, door and hardware, as well as many other specialty materials. Park Royal Purchasing eliminates the need to involve multiple entities that so often drive the costs up for the client or end user. The sales, quality control, shipping, transportation, and on-site factory representatives are all Park Royal staff, resulting in considerable savings. By streamlining the purchasing process, the client or designers can also be more creative in terms of custom designs without exceeding internal budgets. In addition to owning two Chinese manufacturing facilities, Park Royal has established relationships with facilities within the United States, Canada, China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, and Vietnam.

Nova Hotel Group: Nova Hotel Group specializes in providing a comprehensive resource for property management, marketing services, training and development, and revenue maximization for the hospitality industry. Our leadership team has an extensive background in rooms, food and beverage and financial operations with a proven track record of delivering the highest level of service and value to our clients.
Executive Staff
Chip Hardy - President
With over 20 years of enterprising leadership in Hotel Operations, as well as Hotel Construction and Renovations, Mr. Hardy has established a distinguished reputation for achievement in the hospitality industry. Following Mr. Hardy's vision, Nova HRC has enjoyed great success and has evolved into a group of companies servicing a growing portfolio of satisfied clientele. With his direction, Mr. Hardy has nurtured an environment of creative thinking and problem solving, enabling his team to exceed expectations and deliver results. His career in hotel operations culminated in the role of Executive Vice President of a major hotel ownership group while managing the operation of a large portfolio of hotels ranging from mid-tier properties to four diamond resorts. Over the last several years, his focus has been on developing long-term relationships with hotel owners on renovation and construction projects, as well as discovering and qualifying a variety of high caliber international production facilities from which to source.
Simone Azzam - Executive Vice President
As an original founder and major stakeholder in the company's success, Mrs. Azzam has the responsibility for managing Nova HRC's procurement and quality control on all furniture, fixtures, and equipment supplied by our global partner as well as creating unique design elements for our renovation projects. Simone has successfully combined her formal education in interior design with a proven track record in hotel operations to expand the scope of Nova HRC's projects and was the visionary for the creation of the individual subsidiaries. Her attention to detail and focus on perfection have enabled her to ensure complete satisfaction on the turnkey products and have resulted in building long-term relationships with our clients.
Rachel Dagner - Controller
Rachel began her career with Nova HRC in 2008, as a Corporate Accountant, and soon after, Nova expanded her role to include Human Resources Management. In November of 2011, she was promoted to Controller.

Graduating from St. Petersburg College with honors and a degree in Accounting, Rachel has over 13 years of experience in accounting in the manufacturing and construction industries, combined with in-depth Human Resources experience. This encompasses over 5 years of assisting businesses in balancing the needs of the organization with those of the individual employees.

As Controller of Nova Hotel Renovation & Construction, Rachel is responsible for all aspects of the finance and accounting department and the training of staff on the use of the accounting and project management systems. Rachel also coordinates all of the Human Resources activities for Nova, which includes recruiting, new hire processing, benefit management & administration, as well as employee relations and retention.